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Pai Dev Blog: June 2021 – Startup Strides

Hallo allerseits! We’ve got some good news that we would like to share with you all. We have been successful in securing startup funding! We now have everything we need to finish the product launch and bring it to you all, so a huge thank you, again, for all your continuous support. We can’t wait […]

Talking about Talking: Matias Barmat

Every learner has their own learning time, their own learning curves and, if we talk about self-learning, their own methodology. My method is neither the best nor the worst, just suitable to my needs. Matias Barmat, Hyperpolyglot Today we are talking to Matias Barmat, a systems analyst with more than ten years of experience as […]

Planning your language learning path – Creating a strategy

In our last article, we explored how you can approach goal-setting in a language learning context, combined with the previous article on measuring your current ability; you should have a good idea about how much work you have to put in to reach your language goals. Today, we will be discussing how to go about […]